If you didn’t grow up with sports in a club or see a health need for it, you often find it difficult to find the necessary fitness motivation. Of course I could tell you now that some feel-good music, a training partner or a fitness class can work wonders in terms of motivation. However, it will be more sustainable to give you five reasons why it is worth starting with the sport today

Sport Increases Life Expectancy

Science has long proven that endurance training in particular can delay cell aging. The consequence? We age slower and live longer. Just two hours of training a week can extend your life by an average of 3.4 years. Sport is therefore better than any anti-aging cream.

Sport Relieves Stress

According to the latest TK Stress Study from 2021, 26% of respondents say they feel constantly stressed. In addition to the corona pandemic, constant availability, the job or training are stress factors that can result in numerous stress symptoms such as headaches or anxiety. Sport can help here. Numerous studies have shown that sport not only reduces stress, but also counteracts it preventively.

Sport Reduces The Risk Diseases

If you start exercising today and do the training regularly, you will improve your immune system in the long run. On top of that! In fact, sport can also prevent various lifestyle diseases. Among other things, a regular back workout can prevent back pain and endurance training counteract diseases of the cardiovascular system. Even the risk of developing type 2 diabetes can be reduced by up to 52% through preventive exercise. 2.5 hours of easy running training and a healthy diet per week are enough for this!

Sport Puts You In A Good Mood

If I’m having a bad day, I go for a run. To clear my head and because I know that afterward I will be more balanced and happier. This is due to the fact that more endorphins, i.e. happy hormones, are released during sport. They cheer you up and also drive you to new top performances during training – especially if you also have a really good playlist on your ears.

Sport Promotes Concentration

The fifth reason why you should start exercising today? Because you can use it to improve your concentration. Surely you know those days when you can hardly think straight because you are so tired and unbalanced. Instead of drinking a coffee, you should build in a small workout instead. This helps to activate the unused areas of the brain and increases the release of the creativity hormone ACTH. Last but not least, regular exercise should even prevent dementia! So what are you waiting for? Your gray cells will thank you!

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